[RDSR] Cannonball 2022
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For the second time Cannonball invites all the TC community members to this 48-hour challenge in which you must try and clock up the most amount of kilometers. The events utilize the [TC] CityDriving InSim's rally system to record your traveled distance, so you may participate in any [TC] CityDriving server, including One, Two and Three.

We would love to see skins made for the event, therefore we are making a skin showroom! At the end of the event, a vote for skin competition will start - a thread will be made for that with all the details. We prefer to have at least one of the decals of Cannonball added to the skin, go to skin showroom thread for the download link to choose from the decals.

Date and time for the start of event: 4th of November 2022 - 18:00 UTC (Countdown LINK) (World Times)
If you want to be present in the kick-off for Cannonball event, please be at the spot 5-10 minutes before 18:00.

Server: TC CityDriving One (Two and Three are usable too by the way)
We are not aiming to enforce a password for competitors only to be on the server, so it's probably first come first serve.

Track used: Aston (Montana)

The [TC] World tracker can be found here, however the registration is not opened yet.

Stage 1: "First to Columbus" has one winner. Person who can do 500km with highest avarage speed. First stage is 6 hours long. 
Stage 2: Rest of the remaining Cannonball, 42hours. Fight between competetitors about who can do the most distance. 

Racing Numbers
Quote:If you like to have a racing number on the skin you may use one. However, we're not running the event based on racing numbers, so we won't be responsible for number conflicts - this includes racing numbers on TC World. We will not be accepting requests to change your racing number. If you have a Gumball skin you want to use, it's not a requirement to change Gumball to Cannonball.

Many thanks to Chuck for letting us use the [TC] CityDriving InSim's rally system to run the event.


  1. You must follow the [TC] CityDriving rules at all times.
  2. If you are banned on any [TC] CityDriving server (excluding Code 1 bans), you are automatically disqualified from the event.
  3. Entry fees are collected automatically by [TC] World upon sign-up.
  4. Donations must be sent using the [TC] Bank transfer (instructions below) to Robis (Username: dezign)
  5. Please send donations before submitting your donation code in this thread.
  6. Entry fees and donations are non-refundable.
  7. Cars: All available cars & mods are allowed to participate.


Registration OPEN
Sign-up here on [TC] World
Registration open since Sunday 25.09.2022 14:00 UTC.
Registration fee is €2,500

Donations will help pump up prize pool for the event and increase earning for the top 10 competitors and skin competitor split! The minimum donation amount is €1,000. Please donate as instructed below - we appreciate your donations!

Donators who will donate €50'000 or more may recive a badge to add to their profile based on their overall donation amount!

Instructions for registration
Instructions for donations only


The prize pool is currently:
€ 413,401

First to Columbus (Pedal to Metal) winner will get €50,000 from the total prize pool.

Cannonball competitors top 10 will get 94.5% of the remaining prize pool as follows:
  1. 27.00%
  2. 19.00%
  3. 13.75%
  4. 8.00%
  5. 6.00%
  6. 5.00%
  7. 4.50%
  8. 4.00%
  9. 3.75%
  10. 3.50%
Skin competition-winning split is 5.5% of the total prize pool.

Please only reply to this thread with your Donations, A thread for questions, suggestions, and feedback, etc is made separate >>HERE<<<

Information about Skin Showroom and Competition >>>HERE<<<


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