Some news!
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Hello TC community!  It's been a quite long time since we had an update from our team. So its my pleasure to announce some things we want to share with you all!

First of all, I want to start with bad news. In this time we had some members who decided to go different paths and leave the team.
We say goodbye to:
[RDSR] Harii
[RDSR] Grizzle

Moving to some positive news.  [RDSR] Team has an addition in managment. I am proud and happy to say that [RDSR] Ephwurd has earned and proved that he can be in managment to help us with leading team. Congratulations on your promotion  [RDSR] Ephwurd!

Last but not least, please welcome our newest [RDSR] Recruit!

[RDSR] Milo

We have invited him for 2 week long recruitment to see if he fit in the team. Good luck!

[RDSR] Management
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