Departure and promotions.
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Hello all,

Sadly, but today we announce two departures. [RDSR] Charlie and [RDSR] XT both have decided to leave the team. Best of luck in your future journeys!

With a special shoutout to Charlie on behalf of me and Red devil Street Racers we would like to thank you for everything you have done for the team! But to not let Charlie too far off, he'll be joining VIP List

With something bit more positive we are happy to announce that [RDSR] Microwave and [RDSR] Grizzle  are being promoted to seniors.
[RDSR] Microwave & [RDSR] Grizzle

Last but not least, completing his 2 week long recruitment our newest addition to the devils den, Harii!
[RDSR] Harii

[RDSR] Management
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