Tell us who you are!
Hello RDSR!
My name is Jacob (Jakub in Czech). My first ride on TC was in 2010 (2012 registered on website), now i am a full member of [6S] Team and i represent the team with speeeeeeeeeed :) or trying to :P Wish to all team good luck!
See you on server.
Iacob, [6S].
Welcome to RDSR forums, Jacob :)

Im Borja , member of [CSR] , im a bit nubby , I have to assume it , but always happy to help those need help :)

See you at roads!
[CSR] Borja
Hey guys welcome to the forums :-)
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Hey everyone Happy

My name is Arek. I've been playing LFS since 2009 under nickname "Prodeje". Took a lot of breaks and the last time I came back to LFS I decided to change my nickname. My recruitment period just started so I will try to represent the team the best way I can Happy
Heey Arek! Welcome to the team! You have chosen wisely as we are the best affiliate team of tc Smug I'm looking forward to drive with you in the future!
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Hello Arek! Looking forward to you joining in with the fun! If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the recruit area.
Hey Arek! Welcome to the most family-a-like team of the [TC] Community!!

Hope you'll pass the recruitment and that we may have great times to come with you as our team mate!
Devil Devil
Hey Arek!
Warm wellcome =)
Looking forward to have some fun with you on the track.
Welcome to the team Arek, looking forward to driving with you in game :-)
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