Team List and Information
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When was the team started?
The Red Devil Street Racers [RDSR] team was started in 2011 by the then leader, Roba.
In 2013 RDSR achieved a spot as a TC Affiliate team! We've remained an active affiliate since then with our active users.

Can I join the Red Devil Street Racers?
We currently have open recruitment policy, don't forget to look around RDSR Forum and our section in TC forums. We do in some instances invite people to join the team. These would be players that we've been watching for some time.

What nation are RDSR members from?
All around the globe!

[RDSR] Leader

 [Image: tr.png] [RDSR] Ephwurd

[RDSR] Leader Assistant

[Image: pl.png] [RDSR] Wilczek

[RDSR] Supervisors

[Image: lv.png] [RDSR] Kiwie

[Image: gb.png] [RDSR] Russ

[Image: tr.png] [RDSR] Speed'D!

[RDSR] Candidate Supervisors


[RDSR] Senior Members

[Image: lt.png] [RDSR] Danas

[Image: tr.png] [RDSR] Fearr

[Image: no.png] [RDSR] Glenn

[Image: ee.png] [RDSR] Misterviin

[Image: dk.png] [RDSR] Morreboy

[Image: gb.png] [RDSR] Mr. GBR

[Image: pl.png] [RDSR] Ponczek

[Image: fr.png] [RDSR] Raphi

[Image: lv.png] [RDSR] Robis

[Image: ee.png] [RDSR] Sardjon

[Image: sa.png] [RDSR] Sky

[RDSR] Normal Members

[Image: tr.png] [RDSR] Ali 

[Image: fr.png] [RDSR] Carlos

[Image: tr.png] [RDSR] embedded

[Image: lt.png] [RDSR] Kazanova 

[Image: fi.png] [RDSR] Roba

[Image: nl.png] [RDSR] Roy

[Image: ru.png] [RDSR] time_to_crime

[Image: se.png] [RDSR] zisko

[RDSR] Recruits


Total number of devils: 27
Inactive: 3

[VIP]s: (9)

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