Gumball is over..
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Hello all,

It's been a fun two weeks of Gumball this year, lots of cruising and a gumball and a result we never imagined to achieve.

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate [Image: pl.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=Prodeje] [RDSR] Ravisk for absolutely smashing this years gumball. Not only did he win, but taking the record for the furthest distance driven in the whole event, taking the title from his fellow team mate, [Image: es.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=stanis96] [RDSR] Warrior.

Both of our Gumball teams did extremely well, you may well see us again at Christmas.

Moving on, [Image: jo.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=HonzaQ4] [RDSR] Asas has been promoted to M2, Asas was one of the dedicated cruising devil drivers and they certainly couldn't have done it without him.

[Image: jo.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=HonzaQ4] [RDSR] Asas Congrats Asas!

Unfortunately, [Image: de.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=bassliner] [RDSR] Greyzone will be stepping down from his supervisor role and moving back into M1 due to real life commitments.  I'd like to thank him for all the help he has given team, we really did benefit from it.

[Image: de.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=bassliner] [RDSR] Greyzone


Congratulations Asas for your promotion. Congratz for Ravisk for achieving what you did.

Thanks for all your hardwork Greyzone, I hope you still will play as cop on the server :)
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Congratulations for hard driving Ravisk, beeng followed by Warior! Congratulations.

Congratulations to Asas also for him dedication,

And hope that you, Greyzone, solve your irl problems soon. You have to go up, and be the leader of this team , you are one of my examples , im learning nub tricks from you! :P Jks
Congratulation to Ravisk for no life driving xD

Grats to Asas for join in M2 club and now we are waiting for Borja and Tezz :P

Greyzone good luck Happy
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(21/08/2016, 12:28 PM)Arcanoid Wrote: we are waiting for Borja

Im coming 
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Congrats guys :-)
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gratulations guys, well derserved for all of you!

Thx for the warm words aswell i really appreciate them!
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