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[RDSR] Open Recruitment - Announcement - Wilczek - 03/12/2022

[Image: 2IRfJMx.jpg]


We would like to announce that Open Recruitment is starting!
It will be open for a indefinite amount of time. You're welcome to apply any time you want - while it's still open.

As always, in order to apply you have to be registered on the [RDSR] Forum.
Once registered and activated your account by e-mail, please follow the steps below:
1. Read the <application format thread>
2. Post your thread in the same <area> as the example.   
2.1. Make sure to copy everything from the code block located in the application example thread.

Once you post your thread, please take care to not get any ban, or collect any bad reputation.
If happens, your application may be denied.

When reviewed, the final decision will be posted in your application, and you will be sent a Forum PM.

If succesful, you will face a two week long recruitment period, where we decide whether you become a full member, or not.

Wilczek on behalf of the [RDSR] Management
[Image: Y3F6Wrd.png]