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Leader and Assistants
This team of old farts lead in the running of the team. They are the driving force of the team and they have the final say in all team aspects. They consist of the Team Leader and his right-hand man; the Leader Assistants.
Leader Assistant

This group is the mentoring eye, helping Junior members and keeping the team stable!

Candidate Supervisors
This group is kind of recruitment process for our management team. Candidates gain experience in management and we aim to see if he fits. Successful candidates move to the full-time Supervisor role after this period.
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Senior Members
This group of highly established [RDSR] members have been in the team for a rather long time. They act as Mentors to the lower ranks and Recruits and help aid the Leaders in the smooth running of the team.

Normal Members
This group of people represent the 'Average Joe' of the team. They are the heart and soul of the team and have established themselves to be worthy members of the team and as such, they are rather fitting for the job; acting as the 'engine' of the team.

These people are not quite members yet, and are proving their worth to [RDSR] during their 2 week recruit period.
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